Steve promptly returned my phone call.  We met for a "consultation" at my home the following week.  The discussion was about 1 hour on concepts, what I did/did not like, etc.  Steve dropped off a design drawing about 7-14 days later.  The drawing captured our discussion very well, but took the ideas to a creative next-step.  He readily incorporated a few minor changes on my part (there are some plants that I just do not like), then did a final design and pricing

      Field work proceeded briskly, with a well qualified, English-speaking, foreman overseeing work when Steve was not here himself.  No delays -- a crisp work schedule until the job was completed.

     The final results are spectacular, exceeding my expectations!!  Steve has a great sense of colors and shapes that transformed a dull rectangular backyard into an inviting garden that feels much larger than it is.  Wow!!

A. Bowen
Wimington, DE